FAT MAX Matte Black Angle View Mudguards Copy 375x285

Fat Max


Fat Max tires mean fun for a city adventurer (pumped medium), rooty and rocky paths (pumped very soft) and snow (extremely soft). Wherever you kick -- and you will notice you start kicking wherever -- riding is easy and grip is tremendous.

Speed is not what you are after. Unless of course you have many dogs or like to ride a ski lift up and gravity down. In which case this is the scooter that can handle that speed.

Designed for

Dog pulling
Rough terraine
Winter biking, even in snow
Riding on beach on packed sand

Kickbike Fat Max Specifications

Frame-KB-MAX, alu
Brakes-Hydraulic Disc
Wheels-Complete (Front/Rear) 26" / 20"
Wheels-(Front/Rear) Aluminium FAT rims 26" / 20"
Tires-(Front/Rear) 26" / 20"
Standard equipment-Kickstand, Tool set
Weight (kg/lbs)-12,5 / 27.5


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