Dog Scootering

For owners of dogs that love to pull while you try to enjoy pleasant, leisurely strolls, or moderately paced runs, consider dog scootering. In the absence of snow, dog scootering is a relatively new and fast-growing sport that solidifies the special bond between owners and their dogs and encourages teamwork. Many breeds of dogs (Huskies, Malamutes, Chinooks, and others) are bred for pulling which is the work that gives them the most satisfaction.

Why not save your shoulder sockets (and your frustration) and let your dog express their inborn urge by sliding them into a harness and letting them pull you on a Cross Max 20D, Cross Max 20V or Fat Max Kickbike? These are the ultimate scooters for dog scootering with wide high grips and front suspension forks adapted for off-road use. Did we mentioned that "urban mushing" at 25mph looks pretty cool too? Not only will your dogs be happier, but they may even become better behaved.

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